Institutional Distinctiveness

The vision of the College includes aims to provide knowledge of the highest standard and achieve excellence. To foster the spirit of love, compassion, universal brotherhood and patriotism through the ideal of tolerance of diversities within the society and thus fulfil the institution’s motto, “Learn to serve”. To facilitate holistic development of the younger generation, which includes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing moral values are taught and practised in the College campus. The students get requisite lessons that keep their minds ignited for seeking knowledge and are motivated to do well in every sphere of their life. One distinctive practice of the College is the daily morning assembly which is taken up for 15 minutes before the classes commence.

It is an effective mechanism for maintaining discipline, nurturing leadership abilities, exposing hidden talents of the students and punctuality. Extracurricular activities are conducted in the College which gives a platform to the students to display their talents and potentialities. And in this regard, clubs based on variety of activities have been formed. The College also consists of various committees which look after the welfare of the students and cater to their needs. The Counselling Programme that has been initiated by the College has also made a positive impact especially on the personal development of the students. The close relationship formed between the teacher and the students has helped the students to feel connected to the College as a member of the fraternity and not just as a mere student with a daily class routine. In the process of the mentoring, the mentors are able to learn more not only about their personal interests but also about the challenges that they face both as a student and as a member of the society. And accordingly, the respective mentors try their best to offer their guidance and if necessary, they are also referred to the teacher Counsellor.